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Test slots are secured once the registration process is concluded. Test takers shall receive a test confirmation notification via email. The notification also contains reporting instructions for all test takers.

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Terms and Conditions AECA

AECA Terms & Conditions must be read and accepted by the test taker when completing the registration process. It is important that the test taker reads and fully understands the applicable test related rules & regulations given hereunder;

1. System Owner:

Aviation English Competency Assessment (AECA) is fully owned by Delta Aviation Solutions (reg. No. 960872M), who is referred to as the “System Owner”.

2. Test Centre:

Test shall be held at designated Test Centre, any location deemed to be suitable by the System Owner; it may also be referred to as “The Centre”.

3. Eligibility:

AECA is an accreditation recommended for persons involved in the aviation sector and is made available to everyone deemed fit by NAA and/or System Owner.

4. Identification Document & Policy:

A valid National Identity and/or Passport with a recent recognisable photograph is currently treated as the only accepted proof of identification. All test takers must bring their original valid National Identity and/or Passport, a copy of which is to be submitted with the application. This document serves as proof of identity to be presented on the test day, being the only identification document accepted for admittance to the Test Centre. Failure to do so may lead to cancellation of the test. No refund will be applicable in this case.

5. Application Form & Information:

Only a fully completed application form will be considered. Incomplete applications may be rejected. Applications must be accompanied by a clear copy of the photo page of the valid photo ID without which the application will be treated incomplete and the test taker will not be registered. In the case of applications being submitted on-line, it is mandatory for the test taker to provide a clear copy of the valid photo ID during the application process. Failing which, the test taker will not be permitted to apply for the test.
Details on the application form are collected for the purpose of the AECA test. These details may be disclosed to, processed and stored by the System Owner and the Test Centre for administrative purposes. These details, together with the details of test results, may be disclosed by the System Owner to institutions or other entities to which the test taker submits an application, for the purpose of allowing such institutions or entities to verify the results of the test. If the System Owner discovers that false or altered test documentation has been provided to any of these institutions or entities, the System Owner may inform the same and provide them with the test taker’s personal details. The personal details of the test taker may be processed in an anonymous form for statistical and research purposes by the System Owner.

6. Information provided by the Test taker:

The test taker takes full responsibility for the correctness of the information provided in their application. Any information found to be incorrect at any stage will automatically lead to cancellation of the test and revocation of result. Fees paid shall also be forfeited.

8. Test Booking:

Test application will be accepted by the Test Centre on a first-come-first-served basis. Test seats are limited and the registration will close for a particular test when all seats are booked or as decided by the Test Centre. The decision of the Test Centre will be final and binding on all test takers.

9. Test Type Selection:

The responsibility to select test type (i.e. Maintenance Crew, Flight Crew or Cabin Crew), lies solely with the test taker. However, it is recommended that a test taker refers to or seeks advice from the AECA administration personnel for clarification.

10. Test Fee:

The standard test fee is RM575.00 (not including administration charges). Payment through the website,, can be made through Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card (MASTER/VISA) or ATM/Debit Card. Cash payment is also accepted and must be made prior to the test.
Test takers who wish to expedite their AECA test process can opt to pay an additional fee of RM 150.00 (not including administration charges) as applicable. This will reduce the waiting time for registration and release of results.

AECA Test Registration Release of Results
Standard Seating 7 working days 5 working days
Priority Seating 2 working days 1 working day

11. Allotment of Test Date:

Test dates are available on the test calendar on the AECA website. Test takers can select or indicate their preferred test date during the registration process. However, the Test Centre may alter or cancel test dates at its sole discretion (i.e. due to logistic/operational issues). In the event of such, the next available test date shall be allocated upon mutual agreement between the test taker and the Test Centre.

12. Change of Test Date:

Change of test date, once it has been scheduled and confirmed, will receive no refund of the test fee unless the test taker is able to provide appropriate evidence of his/her ability to sit for the test, has been affected by:

  • a serious illness (eg. hospital admission or serious injury);
  • loss or bereavement (eg. death of a family member);
  • hardship/ trauma (eg. following an act of crime/ accident).

Such evidence must be provided no later than 5 days after the originally scheduled test date.

A request for change of test date can be considered on a case by case basis. The decision of the Test Centre will be final and binding on the test taker.

13. Absenteeism:

In cases where a test taker fails to appear on the test date, his/her application will be treated as cancelled, and the fees paid shall also be forfeited. No refund will be possible unless medical evidence and/or proper documentation is/are provided .The decision of the Test Centre will be final and binding on the test taker.

14. Refund Policy

There will be no refund of fees after registration unless the System Owner rejects the application for whatever reason. Test taker is only allowed to change the scheduled test date under certain circumstances (Refer to Change of Test Date).

15. Malpractice:

The Test Centre will strictly deal with any malpractice(s) adopted by the test taker, which may damage the integrity and the security of the AECA Testing System etc., as per the guidelines of the System Owner and the local law of the land. Malpractice includes but is not limited to:

  • impersonating a test taker or having a test taker impersonating you;
  • colluding or disrupting the test in any manner;
  • tampering, copying or attempting to remove test materials from the test room.

In the event of such, the test will be cancelled. The test taker could also be liable to prosecution and may be prohibited from taking AECA in the future, as per the decision of the Test Centre and law of the land, which will be binding on the test taker.

16. Feedback:

Test takers who wish to provide feedback on matters relating to the AECA test system and test administration are able to do so by filling out the Test Taker Feedback form. The form is to be completed after the test and returned to the administration personnel once completed.

17. Result Validity:

The period of results validity depends on the ELP level demonstrated. Refer to the table below for validity of test result (as per ICAO Annex 1/Personnel Licensing):

Level Validity Period
4 3 years
5 6 years
6 indefinite
18. Result Communication:

Test results will be posted on the test taker’s personal account on the AECA website or e-mailed to the test taker within 7 working days for standard seating test takers and 1 working day for priority seating test takers. However, the test taker understands and agrees that results communicated over the website will be provisional and must not be treated as final results or used for any formal, official or verification purposes until the original AECA Certificate is received by the test taker. The Certificate as issued by the Test Centre is and shall be the correct, official and authentic AECA results.

19. Appeals:

If a test taker is dissatisfied with the AECA result and believes there are grounds for reconsideration, the test taker may lodge an appeal to have the result reviewed. Test takers can lodge their appeal by completing the Test Appeal Form. The form must be fully completed and shall be submitted to the System Owner within 7 days following the release of results of the disputed test.

An appeal fee of RM200 (not including administration charges) will be incurred at the time of application. However, this fee will be fully refunded only in the event of an upward amendment to the overall rating. The decision of the Test Centre will be final and binding on the test taker. No further enquiries shall be considered once the re-rating process has been completed. The results of appeal will be released to the test takers within 7 working days following the application.

20. Errors & Omissions:

The System Owner and the Test Centre, will take full care that the test procedures, administering of the test and declaring of results are handled as per the guidelines of the System Owner and in the most professional manner and that, no errors or omissions are committed. However, in case any errors or omissions are reported or brought to notice by the test taker, the same will be taken up and necessary action/remedial measures will be taken. No claims or compensations of any nature will be considered.

20. Test Terms and Conditions:

Once an application is submitted, it will be assumed that the test taker has read and understood all the terms and conditions herein. The terms and conditions can be modified and/or changed as deemed fit, by the System Owner, without prior notice. Such modified terms and conditions, once communicated to the test taker, will be applicable and binding on the test taker.